PetPeePee is hitting the road!

PetPeePee is growing! We’re hitting the road this fall to introduce new customers and pet stores to the PetPeePee Products and Services. Because we’re hitting the road, our blog posts will be a little spaced out. Enjoy our older posts and our posts from the road as we meet new pet lovers like you! Thank … Continue reading

Natural Air Purification Technique

Our main speciality is removing dog and cat urine odor from homes and items. However, we occasionally get calls from customers asking if we can remove the ‘wet dog smell’ in their home. Many of us dog owners know that ‘wet dog smell’ and most of us hate it. It sticks to the sofa, the … Continue reading

Natural Dog Food for a Healthy Pup

“OUR PHILOSOPHY – Mother Nature is the ultimate chef for dogs in the wild, providing all the nutritional needs from only a few food sources. We have modeled our product-line after the culinary excellence found in nature. Fresh meat – it’s the difference that makes Nature’s Kitchen a product others strive to match.” Straight from … Continue reading

5 Tips to Keep Cats off the Furniture

It is very common that our little feline friends like to jump, scratch and even sometimes, pee on the furniture. This can create a problem not only for the pet parent, but for the family as well. Here are 5 quick and harmless tricks to keep your cats from getting on the furniture. Tin Foil Tin … Continue reading