How to Wrap a Rug for Shipping

Wrapping a rug can seem difficult and almost impossible. However, with this technique it is fast, efficent and cost effective.

All you need are three things:

    1. Plastic Tarp (AKA Painters Tarp)
    2. Duck tape
    3. Scissors
Step by step instructions 
Remove all items/furniture off the rug.
Allow yourself to have atleast 1 foot on each side of the rug for space.
Open tarp to the full length of the rug.
3. Have at most 2 feet on either side of the rug.
If the tarp is wider than the rug, cut to have at most 2 feet on either side.
4. Slide the tarp to the half way point of the rug
5. Start rolling the rug (on the side that does not have tarp.
6. Continue rolling onto the tarp.
7. When the rug is completely wrapped in the tarp, continue rolling in place to create a tighter wrap.
8. Fold sides on to the rug and duck tape all openings.
9. Continue duck taping the rug until all openings are taped down.
10. Apply shipping label and call your local delivery service.

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