Important Things to Know About Artifical Grass for Dogs

Synthetic grass for dogs has become very popular over the last 5 years. They are now being seen in businesses such as kennels, boarding facilities, and day care for pets.

Let’s discover what the pros and cons are in regards to urine and maintenance.

Piece of artificial turf up close.

Pros of Artificial Dog Turf

  • Looks beautiful and fresh
  • Grass never turns yellow or discolors from constant urination
  • Feels nice for the dogs to walk/lay on
  • Easy maintenance: feces, diarrhea and other pet wastes can easily be washed away
  • No dirt- no muddy paws in this place
  • If a square gets damaged from dogs chewing or rough housing, it can easily be replaced
  • Some companies will even offer a drainage system

Cons of Artificial Dog Turf

  • Holds on to urine odor, making it difficult to nearly impossible to remove 100%
  • Over time urine odor gets worse because of all the rubber and glue
  • May smell a little like rubber indoors
  • Heat, humidity and sunlight bake the artificial grass which can cause it to harden over time and increase urine odor

What does PetPeePee say?

Artificial turf is a great addition to facilities and lawns, they create a beautiful, luscious environment. However, the biggest and main problem with the turf is the urine odor. Many facilities call us on a day-to-day basis if we have a product to remove the urine odor because the chemicals are not working.

Facilities that house many dogs and use it for the only area for dogs to ‘do their business’ – we do not recommend the turf.

For facilities that house few dogs and take the dogs on scheduled walks to relieve themselves on real grass – we do recommend the turf.

Choose wisely when adding the turf in your facility, urine odor tends to create the misconception that you are not clean, which is not the case.

Was this article helpful? Were you thinking about installing turf into your pet facility or your lawn?


One thought on “Important Things to Know About Artifical Grass for Dogs

  1. What a good and very useful tips you have here in your page, it a has a lot of package of information that can help those people having problem in there artificial grass with there dogs in the house. Thank you for sharing more power to you…=’)

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