Remove Urine Smell

What are the most common urine smells?

  • Dog urine odor
  • Cat urine odor
  • Human urine odor
  • Rabbit urine odor
  • Pig urine odor

Are all urine smells the same?

No, every animal has a different odor in order to communicate with their species and letting other animals know ‘who’ they are.

Is the removal process the same for every kind of urine?

Yes. Some urine smells are tougher or, as cat owners would put it, pungent, however the removal process is the same.

What products or systems should be AVOIDED:

  • Soapy/detergent or oily based products
    •  These products tend to leave residual soap/oil which will cause the area to become sticky and attract more bacteria
  • Fragranced products
    •  Fragrances simply mask the urine odor for a short period of time
    • Once the fragrance dissipates from the area, you’re typically left with a musky and/or worsened urine odor
  • Enzyme based products- despite what everyone else says
    • Enzymes are designed and developed to work under laboratory conditions AKA in a Petri dish
    • The only way to house Enzymes in a bottle is to use soap, which we just discussed, doesn’t work to remove urine smells
  • Steam or hot water 
  •            Steam is designed to ‘sear’ off the bacteria on contact, which works on the surface such as dishes. However, with many layers, such as carpet or grout, the steam eventually cools down and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to live in.

How to remove urine smells:

  1. First absorb the urine from the surface or item using a paper towel or rag. The more you soak up, the better.
  2. Use products or systems that use natural properties, since urine is a natural and organic property.
  3. Saturate area with product and let sit for a minimum of  3 minutes to allow the product to penetrate the layers all the way to the bottom.
  4. Use another paper towel or rag and apply pressure to absorb the product.
    1. You shouldn’t scrub, since this will create a disturbance in the fibers and can cause visible damage.
  5. Allow to dry.

To learn more about the PetPeePee Product and if it’s right for you, please visit our Products page.

What urine smells are causing you trouble? Tell us! With over 15 years experience in dealing with urine odor situations, we’ve heard it all! Bet yours isn’t the worst


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