Product Review on Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

Dogzy Collars are a unique and uncommon commodity in today’s era of mass production and replications. There are many collars and leashes out there for our furry best friend, and most can be purchased at a big chain pet store or grocery store. However, when you want something truly special, unique and different, Dogzy Collars CollectionDogzy Collars provides just the collar!

Started by three siblings that have a common love for their fellow four legged friends, Dogzy Collars are created from the heart. Each made by hand and passion, these collars are made to last for years.

Created with high quality and durable leather, Dogzy Collars has a catalog of over 50 leather dog collars, each with a different design. Most designs are even custom made to the exact specifications of the pet parent; for example, if the pet parent loves flowers, Dogzy Collars will create punch outs, embroidery or other symbols to represent flowers on your own special collar.

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One thought on “Product Review on Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

  1. I have to say those are pretty cool looking ! To be honest with you my dog won’t wear his collar… just flat out hates it! Which is ok I guess because he is an indoor dog, and we put a harness on him when we walk him twice a day… still, I wonder if a nice leather collar like one of these would suit him better?

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