Natural Dog Food for a Healthy Pup

“OUR PHILOSOPHY – Mother Nature is the ultimate chef for dogs in the wild, providing all the nutritional needs from only a few food sources. We have modeled our product-line after the culinary excellence found in nature. Fresh meat – it’s the difference that makes Nature’s Kitchen a product others strive to match.” Straight from

Maverick Pet Food is a rare find. Founded and operated by two good friends, who happen to be avid dog lovers, Maverick Pet Food is made with the highest quality ingredients. Made with 80% fresh meat (20% made with vegetables, vitamins and minerals) and then simmered on low heat in order to preserve the freshness, Maverick Pet Foods target the carnivore instincts in our furry friends.

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3 thoughts on “Natural Dog Food for a Healthy Pup

  1. I totally support the raw meat diet. My dogs absolutely love it. My boss Dr. Bruce Syme also created a similar line here down under. It is vets all natural food. :-).

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