Natural Air Purification Technique

Our main speciality is removing dog and cat urine odor from homes and items. However, we occasionally get calls from customers asking if we can remove the ‘wet dog smell’ in their home.

naturally remove wet dog smell

Many of us dog owners know that ‘wet dog smell’ and most of us hate it. It sticks to the sofa, the rug, the carpet and basically stays in the air. Our product is not necessarily designed for removing the ‘wet dog smell’ but we do have a great natural remedy that can help.

Solution: White Distilled Vinegar
Vinegar is a great natural remedy for many things and now we can add air purification to that list.

Our recommendation:

To naturally purify your home:
Place a big bowl of white distilled vinegar right in front of the A.C. filter. In this location the A.C. filter sucks in air which will filter through the A.C. system and then turns it into cool air that distributes back into your home.
Because vinegar evaporates, the fumes from the vinegar will get sucked into the A.C. filter and purify the air through the A.C. and your home.
Remember to replace your A.C. filter prior to treatment for better results.

Remember We recommend to do this only once in a while- over use can cause some components in the A.C. to rust. These are just tips and are not guaranteed to work, however, it will give you good results.  Do not use red vinegar or any other vinegar with a color.

Have you tried a remedy such as this? Or do you have another remedy for ‘dog smell’?


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