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Natural Air Purification Technique

Our main speciality is removing dog and cat urine odor from homes and items. However, we occasionally get calls from customers asking if we can remove the ‘wet dog smell’ in their home. Many of us dog owners know that ‘wet dog smell’ and most of us hate it. It sticks to the sofa, the … Continue reading

5 Tips to Keep Cats off the Furniture

It is very common that our little feline friends like to jump, scratch and even sometimes, pee on the furniture. This can create a problem not only for the pet parent, but for the family as well. Here are 5 quick and harmless tricks to keep your cats from getting on the furniture. Tin Foil Tin … Continue reading

How to Wrap a Rug for Shipping

Wrapping a rug can seem difficult and almost impossible. However, with this technique it is fast, efficent and cost effective. All you need are three things: Plastic Tarp (AKA Painters Tarp) Duck tape Scissors Step by step instructions  Remove all items/furniture off the rug. Allow yourself to have atleast 1 foot on each side of the … Continue reading

Remove Urine Smell

What are the most common urine smells? Dog urine odor Cat urine odor Human urine odor Rabbit urine odor Pig urine odor Are all urine smells the same? No, every animal has a different odor in order to communicate with their species and letting other animals know ‘who’ they are. Is the removal process the … Continue reading